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Creating an unique brand for a classic Finnish company

For decades, Vuokkoset packaging has been collected from shop shelves in shopping baskets. Vuokkoset is known for being a finnish envoy of ecological intimate hygiene and will continue playing that role even stronger in the future: a modern and recognizable brand look and growth-friendly website help take a lead among the competitors.   


When Vuokkoset and Buorre decided to start their journey together, something unique was born: fresh, pastel glowing brand image. Updated colors, fonts, elements, and a general illustration makes the Vuokkonen’s core message bloom. The website gives information about products, the responsibility and your own body in a gender neutral way. 

The website was tested among the target group carefully before the launch. The members of the target group that took part in the testing described the new pages as clear, inclusive, both environmentally conscious and -friendly. User testing helped distinguish potential pitfalls, and areas that needed further development. The testing gained also important results: the feeling of testers changed more strongly and positively about the brand after visiting the site.

Optimized experiences, no matter the device 

A WordPress page based on Buorre’s own themes will help Vuokkoset grow its business now and in the future. For example, the HubSpot and Woocommerce integrations enable marketing automations to help the site to scale for a wide range of needs and create a strong base on the development of the company’s digital business. 

The Vuokkoset website’s product categories already have an eCommerce-like implementation, so it is easy to take the possible development steps with a low threshold. In addition to this the new implementation  guarantees a smooth experience to the website with any device. 

The site is also intuitive and logical to use for the content creator point of view. The new implementation offers the opportunity to distribute exactly the content that appeals to the company’s target group.

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A value-driven brand renewal

A user-friendly website

A stronger perception of the brand