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Strategic next steps for SBS

With its one of a kind offering, brand new website and great marketing activities, Specialty Bolt & Screw is ready to take over global markets.


Strategic approach

The US-based supply chain management company Specialty Bolt & Screw (SBS) and Buorre have collaborated in multiple ways to grow the business of SBS and make the company recognized on global markets. Launch of a new website and also leveraging the HubSpot platform have served in the process of gaining global visibility.

Buorre has been helping to find a strategic approach to marketing, a function SBS has not previously paid much focus on. Besides, finding new ways to shorten and automate the sales processes have been a shared interest.

“We interviewed companies in the US along with Buorre. However, only Buorre truly understood the global aspect of SBS. I was impressed with the level of detail and how the Buorre team was thinking very linearly”, says Keith Underwood, the VP Business Development of SBS.


Creative concept

As the offering of SBS is wide, the Buorre team wanted to bring as much clarity to the website design as possible. By visiting the SBS website, a potential client understands right away how SBS can help them and what the company stands for.

A modern, innovative look was created to stand out with new visuals and videos. The brand elements starting from colors to fonts were chosen to support the professional image. They are represented not only on the website but on all marketing and sales materials of the company.



The most important marketing and sales implications were discussed thoroughly in shared workshops between Buorre and SBS. The aspects were taken into consideration while designing the new website and its customer journeys. The themed WordPress website will scale up to the company’s needs now and for the years to come, as well as the HubSpot integration.

For the global audience to hear about the offering of SBS, the steps were clear. Customer segmentation, customer journey, and customer profiling led ultimately to creating a marketing strategy and an annual marketing plan. Updating the sales workflows and creating automation were also essential parts of the process.


The results

The Buorre team has been very professional and enjoyable to work with, and also kept us on task and on time. Working with Buorre has been very collaborative and we keep on pushing each other”, Keith Underwood, the VP Business Development of SBS summarizes.

After the launch of the website, the traffic has increased and with digital marketing activities Buorre’s team is able to drive relevant traffic to visit the SBS website. With a stronger, more recognizable brand SBS can engage its audiences in the US and in the global arena.

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A recognizable brand

Strategic approach to marketing and sales functions

Engaging audiences