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Strong increase in the sales of lifting doors


The brand and website renewal of Doorway, a manufacturer of high-quality lift doors, as well as the strategic reform of digital marketing have led to a 2.5-fold increase in leads and a good boost in lift door sales.

Doorway manufactures, installs and maintains lift doors for consumers and industry. The company wants to provide its customers with value and comprehensive service, not just a garage or industrial hall door. That’s why Doorway takes care of its doors, from production to installation and maintenance.

Doorway boldly stands out from its competitors and believes it pays to pay for a quality product and service. “We want to make the selection and purchase of a lift door as easy as possible for the customer. Our customers don’t need to know anything about lift doors themselves”, says Olli Junes, Doorway’s Director of Sales and Marketing.


Steps in the background

The brand and website revamp as well as the establishment of digital marketing orchestrated by Buorre, were steps in Doorway’s journey to a modern way to sell and meet customers, no matter where they are located and in ways that suit the customer. Efficient digital marketing was intended to balance sales throughout the year, as in the past both sales and installations focused heavily on summer and autumn, while winter was quieter. The brand wanted to exude the quality that Doorway offers its customers.

Lauri Kuparinen, who was responsible for coding Doorway’s new site, says that the site is built using Buorre’s own WordPress theme. It’s modules make the site easy to update and the site scales excellently. In addition to this, the website is optimized for lead generation right from the start. The goal was to get an increase in contacts, so different ways of contacting were added to the page.


Data driven, but with a human touch

Website conversion optimization has been done at a rapid pace since the site was launched. For example, when it was found that more than half of visitors surf on a mobile device, mobile-friendly and lower-threshold means of communication were added. The effectiveness of the text in the CTA buttons has been verified by A / B testing, and chatbots have been added to provide assistance to the visitor in selecting a door and submitting an offer request.

Johannes Halminen, a digital marketing expert, has optimized advertising to work as efficiently as possible by testing and analyzing it. “The data is trusted and the budget is allocated where it works best. The concrete quantitative goals set by Doorway itself and the value of the conversion have guided the effort. They have helped to optimize advertising towards that goal. ”


The results speak for themselves

The collaboration between Doorway and Buorre began in late summer 2020 with brand renewal and strategic marketing planning. The new website was launched in December, and the digital marketing machinery was rolling in full capacity in the winter of 2021. Since then, lead production has sometimes even had to be slowed down by pausing campaigns so that Doorway salespeople have had time to serve incoming leads. The price of a single lead has fallen by a third from last year’s average, and the number of leads has increased 2.5-fold.

The success of Doorway’s digital marketing has been possible as Doorway has simultaneously renewed its entire sales strategy, partly dictated by the transition to distance selling during the pandemic. Thanks to the new sales method, a significant part of the leads will become a sale. “We have moved away from the industry’s traditional way of operating,” says Olli Junes, Doorway’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

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The benefits and results

Increase in sales leads

 Decrease in lead prices

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