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Versatile animation delivers the message

How to get over 21 000 views in only a few months after publishing an animation? Get to know a technical product animation Buorre’s team made for ABB IEC Low Voltage Motors as their sales and marketing material.

The strategy

ABB and Buorre have worked closely together for years with various projects from product designing to marketing materials. Only the sky has been the limit with the animation series we have created together – one of our latest animations for Motors for explosive atmospheres has gained interest and positive, curious feedback all around the world. The end goal of the project was to create an animation which serves both internal and external needs of ABB IEC LV Motors, as it is used for both sales and marketing purposes.

The creative concept

A workshop between ABB IEC LV Motors and Buorre set the expectations and the project milestones straight. A shared dream was to create a clear, visually appealling and easily recognizable animation. The plot of the animation was written to elevate the story of hazardous areas motors. The visualization of the animation went hand in hand with the written storyline and its highlights. Buorre’s team had creative freedom, but through the project all the graphic elements from the logos to color schemes were chosen to make the animation recognizable to the ABB brand.

The execution

We always keep our clients in the loop of the design by having weekly check-in calls. Creating the animation from scratch has truly been a great success, as the animation has been viewed over 21 000 thousand times in the ABB channels.

The in-depth knowledge of ABB’s business, technology, products and their client’s needs has been crucial in making animations.


The results

Customer satisfaction is something we are extremely proud of. Soile Saari, Product Marketing Specialist of ABB LV Motors, mentions: “The animation created by Buorre has been a hit. Usually, our product animations get a few thousand views, but with this version we truly exceeded the expectations!”

Would a similar animation be useful to your organization? Leave us a message and let’s get into it.

21 000 video views

Versatile sales material

A distinct brand outlook