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Delipap is a Finnish family run business whose products can be found in many homes throughout Finland. Together with Buorre, Delipap has boldly renewed the brand and look of Muumi Baby diapers and, more broadly, their business and online solutions.

Respecting the long history of the company and its trusted products, Buorre has created solutions that meet current needs: this has meant a holistic digital breakthrough in the business model of Muumi Baby Diapers. Right in the first steps of working together, it was defined how the brand will be built by using data, digital sales and marketing automation. 

The most appropriate tools for media monitoring, online services, social media management, search engine optimization, analytics and reporting were selected from the very beginning. The management and utilization of customer information in marketing and the development of digital services is an important aspect of the bigger picture.

Getting the user experience right

Buorre was tasked to design and implement the look and feel of the visually appealing, modern website. The site tells the story of the brand values ​​of Muumi Baby diapers and the quality of the products, taking into account search engine visibility and optimization.

The online store created for the Muumi Baby diapers gives customers the opportunity to order products directly to their doorstep for the first time as monthly orders: the concept truly makes life easier for families with children. The vision of the monthly subscriptions came from mapping and identifying the needs of the brand’s customers.

Customer experience plays a key role in the design and implementation of e-commerce. After the launch of the new website, the development of the user experience based on feedback, newly arising needs and data will continue in active cooperation with Delipap’s team.


All ‘bout digitalization

E-commerce is a great match with digital marketing. Over the past year, Delipap Oy has invested in Muumi Baby’s digital marketing both internally and by using external resources. Buorre has helped the Muumi Baby brand team with campaign innovation, creation and creating follow-ups. 

Marketing has been targeted better than ever before by building sample ordering processes to collect the right kind of data, for example customer-specifically based on the child’s age. Solutions for marketing automation and targeted content are cornerstones for the brand renewal. The targeting is visible on the website, in newsletters as well as in social media.

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