Value chain marketing

Value chain marketing is an effective way to grow your business

Value chain marketing analyzes all the stakeholders in the value chain and creates value in every part of the process. It’s something that target group marketing and buyer personas alone don’t take into account. 

What is value chain marketing

Value chain marketing is a strategy where the process and platform are designed to serve all users in different steps, taking into account the needs of each user. The strategy solves problems where traditional target group marketing fails to take the complexity of the whole value chain into account. Value chain marketing is something that target group marketing and buyer personas alone don’t take into account.

The value is successful customer experience

The catch is to pay attention to every aspect of the value chain – not just the end customer. To succeed in value chain marketing we need to understand the different perspectives of the audience and to create value in every part of the process. It’s essential to rely on analysis, market research, customer feedback and reliable data from the market with getting to know every audience type. The deeper meaning is to find the answer to what each group keeps in value. The goal is to have a super customer experience. That’s the reason we dig deeper.

We need to understand and know the customer’s needs and wishes. The customer experience is our magic word. We’re on a mission designing growth and that happens when we enhance the customer experience. We want customers to return and even to become our brand ambassadors. To succeed in this, we need to listen to the customer and to know what they really want.

Designing the best processes

Since there are different roles in the same team that we are serving, the challenge is to design the processes to serve every role perfectly. To identify and learn customers’ problems and challenges we need to jump on customers’ shoes. Customer’s always search for the best product, which also means different things in different roles of the team.

“Creating a holistic service for all roles of the process that takes everyone into account
by intensifying the customer journey and business’s own processes with the terms of better customer experience.”

How to benefit on value chain marketing strategy

In a nutshell, to use the strategy is to market and communicate to the so called decision making committee in each own language. The committee includes all those participants that influence the decision maker. The core is that everyone in the value chain influences each other. The solution is to design each own customer path on the value chain and to communicate in their best interests. The product or service is designed and packed at the first stage so well that the whole value chain will benefit from it from start to end.

The right time and strategy

As learned, the value chain marketing takes into account the buying personas, especially how they are connected and how they influence each other. So it analyzes all the stakeholders in the value chain. We need to conquer the business interactions within the whole value chain to use this strategy.

The key to successful strategy is to influence the right decision makers in various parts of the value chain at the right time.

How is it done? 

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